General English Program

4 Skills

Our General English Program (GEP) will help you to develop all four language skills so that you can communicate effectively in English. Our GEP is designed to help both teens and adults at all levels (Beginner to Advanced). …

When you learn a language, basically, there are ‘four skills’ to learn.

These four skills –

reading, and

are fundamental in learning a language.

Other skills such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling all play a role in effective communication. The amount of attention a learner gives to each skill depends on both the level of the learner and his or her needs. Generally, it would be more beneficial for beginners to focus more on listening and speaking than writing and reading. As fluency increases, the amount of reading and writing may also increase. For advanced learners, they may spend more time on writing skills although some learners may wish to keep their focus on oral communication if that is a greater need.

At EduLink Australia, our GEP will help you master all your English skills so that you can become a fluent speaker of English.